Only three more StandUp Paddle Yoga Classes left! The weather is beautiful and the water temperature is perfect! Join in for a peaceful and playful experience that will complete your summer ~

New to Yoga? No fear, we are happy to guide you towards a class for you -Walk-ins Welcome!

Welcome to The Island Heron!

The Island Heron is located in downtown Jamestown and complements the uniqueness of the island by offering classes that suit the needs of the community. A variety of yoga classes, massage therapy, and other wellness services are available each week. Bringing the outdoors inside: bright, natural sunlight, plants, bamboo floors and the community energy promotes conscious living and inner peace.

Inspired by herons who are symbols of grace and wisdom, we’ve created a place for people to awaken these qualities within themselves.

With a cozy feel and personalized attention, all levels and everyBODY is encouraged to visit. Be free...all are welcome.

New to Yoga?

We have a variety of classes throughout the week to accommodate beginners.

Click on our CLASSES tab or contact us to find out what may suit you best.


Upcoming Events

Yoga & Acupuncture

Friday, September 25th

6:30pm - 8:30pm

SUP Yoga

Tuesdays & Fridays in July and August

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