Akhanda Yoga

Akhanda means whole, and each class includes a blend of asana, pranayama, mantra, relaxation and meditation, as well as a theme linking the practice to contemplations from the yogic scriptures. Akhanda Yoga sequences work on all of the directional movements of the spine in each class and offers a balance of effort and allowing, solar and lunar practices, yin and yang. Akhanda classes also balance a commitment to alignment with guidelines for inner inquiry, cueing and silence.

Backs & Bones

As we age we’re acutely aware of how body wellness influences our enjoyment in daily activity.   Backs and Bones is a gentle therapeutic yoga class focusing on strengthening muscles, increasing movement and flexibility, reducing and preventing back pain and maintaining bone density to ward off osteoporosis.   You will learn how to tune into your upper and low back conditions, neck, shoulders, limbs and abdominal core through a series of weight bearing, balance, strength and flexibility poses.  Through breath centered poses and relaxation practices  levels of the stress hormone cortisol are lowered which is key in keeping calcium in the bones.

Basic Yoga Class

Dive into the fundamentals of yoga poses and learn proper alignment to ensure your practice is safe and nourishing for your body.  This is designed to address key poses and breathing techniques to develop or maintain flexibility, strength and balance. Great for beginners or anyone who wishes to sustain an enjoyable lifestyle.


This vinyasa-style class connects your breath with your movement to strengthen and expand body, mind and spirit. Each teacher has a unique approach so we encourage you to explore different flow teachers. Some classes may include more challenging poses but modifications will also be provided. Open to all who are prepared to move.

Flow (warmed) is heated to 75 – 80 degrees.

Integrative Compassion Practices

This class helps to recondition the mind, body, and soul through an integration of mindfulness, meditation, movement, and self-compassion practices. Emotional regulation, empathetic relating, and experiential relaxation are not luxuries. They are the embodiment of compassion. Join us as together we cultivate compassion in community.

Kundalini Yoga Class

Kundalini Yoga uses movement, sound, breath and meditation to relax and restore your mind and body. It develops and improves your body’s strength, flexibility and endurance, because this powerful and effective form of yoga focuses on stimulating the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. Awaken your own creative energy and unlock your full potential. In this class you will experience techniques for self-development to generate profound and lasting advancement. Great for all levels.

Movement & Meditation

Class begins with a series of sun salutations to warm the body progressing into standing poses to improve balance, strength, flexibility and concentration. Ending on the floor with deeper stretching to soothe the nervous system and prepare the body and mind for meditation. The last 20 minutes of class is an opportunity to sit and be with what is.
You have the option to stay, leave or join for the last 20 minutes. Please be on time if you’re joining for the meditation.

Meditation Practice

Using breath as a focal point for the mind, this is the practice of allowing whatever arises to be, moment to moment, without needing to manipulate it. Training your mind to pause and be present can have profound and far reaching benefits to all levels of your being. Solfeggio Frequencies may be played to assist the practioner towards one-pointed focus.

Restorative Yoga Class

Replenish your body, mind, and spirit with this practice of gentle and deeply supported poses accompanied by soothing breath-work, guided relaxation and mantra. Appropriate for everyone of all levels. No yoga experience necessary.

Root to Rise

An alignment and strength based practice balanced with some yin postures so you feel strong yet supple. Get grounded, both on and off the mat. All are welcomed and accommodated.

Therapeutics with Yoga Nidra

This class is for the person who wants to unwind at a slow moving, deeply relaxing pace. The combination of alignment principles and gentle movement with a therapeutic approach to proper technique help to release muscular imbalances and assist in postural correction. The use of props will enable comfort and ease in the release of stored tension. Class will end with a deeply restorative guided meditation technique called Yoga Nidra. It can be done seated or lying down. This class is great for beginners or anyone who wishes to sustain an enjoyable lifestyle. The first part of the class is in preparation for the body to relax during the Yoga Nidra meditation.

Yin & Flow

The perfect balance of yin & yang. Half the class we practice yin style poses which are all on the floor and held for several minutes to get a deep stretch and work with the joints, connective tissue and meridian lines of the body. The other half we practice standing poses to work with the muscular system cultivating strength and balance. We end with a long relaxation. Expect to leave class feeling deeply grounded and energized.

Yoga for Stiff Guys

Can’t touch your toes? You won’t be alone. Improve your golf game, cycling, tennis swing, etc. by balancing strength with stretching. Find a way to ease the stiffness in your muscles and joints. Don’t worry, you’ll be in the company of other stiff guys so no worries about keeping up with the yogis.