Monday, 1/20/20

All are classes are running on Martin Luther King Day.

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Saturdays @ 4PM: Foundations of Flow with Sheri Silva

Mondays @ 12:30PM: Yoga 101 with Heidi Doyle

Wednesdays @ 6:30PM: Men’s Yoga with Noah Kelleher

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Transformative Shamanic Healing & Spiritual Channeling Guidance Sessions

With Internationally Renowned Teachers, Foster & Kristos Perry

4 spots remaining for the weekend of 2/29. 

Foster will also give a talk here on Friday night, 2/28. 

Pre-registration is optional. You are most welcome to just show up. 

 Level (1) = Gentle (2) = Moderate (3) = More Challenging

This is a general classification to help navigate the variety of classes. 

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