Early Risers

Check out our new morning classes!

Tuesdays @ 7:30am (Kundalini Yoga)

Fridays @ 6:30am (Yoga for Stiff People) 

Summer Solstice: A sacred journey

Friday, June 21st 7PM – 8:15PM

With Judyth Blacquier

Please join us for this Sacred Journey in Honor of the Summer Solstice!

Yoga 101 Pop-Up Class

Wednesdays, 6 – 7PM with Heidi Doyle

May 29th, June 5th, June 12th  

Our new client special is 3 classes for $30 in 30 days. Existing clients can choose from 1 of the 4 pricing options. 

Price Drop & Summer Schedule

You know those moments in life when the sun hits your face and everything makes sense?

This is how we feel right now. Since opening way back in January of 2012, we’ve held our prices steady.  7 years later we’re at a cross roads between needing to get current on pricing while wanting to make yoga more affordable.  So, we did both.   

With our new carefully crafted pricing options, you choose your depth of practice. We’ve done away with the senior/student/military discount because the new membership options provide you with a comparable if not better price.

Thank you for being with us over the years, through the seasons, and on this perpetual path of change and discovery as a student of life! We absolutely love this community and will continue to be a haven for you.

Pre-registration is optional. You are most welcome to just show up. 

 Level (1) = Gentle (2) = Moderate (3) = More Challenging

This is a general classification to help navigate the variety of classes. 

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